Photos of Heifers for Sale

More photos of the Heifers I have for sale.

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Young Heifers for Sale

Heifers for Sale can be mated for an additional charge

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Charlie is the bull that fathered this year's bulls and heifers. He is not for sale.

Charlie is the bull who had 12 perfectly belted BueLingo this year.

He is not for sale.  He’s two years old, and  a year ago he looked

like the photos of  the bulls for sale.  With his picture, you can see how nicely

the bulls will  grow into strong, well-belted bulls.

Registered BueLingo Bulls for Sale

As promised, here are some pictures of the bulls available for sale.  Some information I still need to fill in.

If you have any questions or interest, please call Jim at 303-930-5131.


Registered Bull                                                 Registered Bull

Age: 2 years                                                      Age: 1 year

Name: Black Jack                                             Name:

Birth Weight: 77lbs                                          Birth Weight:

Current Weight: approximately 1200lbs     Current Weight:

Price: $2000                                                     Price: $1600


Registered Bull                                                Registered Bull

Age: 1 year                                                       Age: 1 year

Name:                                                                Name:

Birth Weight:                                                    Birth Weight:

Current Weight:                                               Current Weight:

Price: $1600                                                     Price: $1600


Registered Bull                                                 Registered Bull

Age: 1 year                                                        Age: 1 year

Name:                                                                Name:  Super Bull– Born Super Bowl Sunday!

Birth Weight:                                                    Birth Weight:

Current Weight:                                               Current Weight:

Price: $1600                                                     Price: $2000

Picture Preview

Turns out there are several pictures to post! I wasn’t able to get them posted yesterday. “Real” life gets in the way sometimes! However, today should be the day.

For now, here is a preview picture that showcases the beauty of the BueLingo (nicknamed “Oreo Cows”!)

For more in-depth reading on the breed, go to

Young Heifers and Two Year Old Bulls For Sale


Calving season was a success out at the TTT Ranch.  I now have young heifers and two-year old bulls available for sale.

My BueLingo Cattle are registered, and the Heifers can be bred for an additional cost.

Bulls are $1600

Heifers are $1500

Please contact me for further information and/or interest.